When you work in the event industry, sometimes you have a different idea of what constitutes a successful event. There are a lot of behind the scenes things going on that the guests & hosts know nothing about. And it’s great that they don’t. But sometimes, the behind the scenes work coincides with all the “perfect details” the host would like to include in the event.

And that is where Pinterest comes in.

I was at a Graduation party over the weekend and got to talking with another friend in the event industry. We were discussing some of the details from a wedding I attended the previous night . When you’re in the event industry there are a lot of things you typically pay attention to that the average guest would never think twice about. Guests would probably notice – but rarely give it a second thought.

For example:

The above seating chart is a really cute idea. Especially if it goes along with the theme of your wedding or event. This particular type of seating chart has become extremely popular since the popularity of Pinterest has continued to grow. The issue my friend took with Pinterest was that Brides and other event hosts go on Pinterest to find these “great ideas”, but a lot of times event professionals will notice that the “idea” doesn’t necessarily work with other elements of the event. For example the above seating chart. It works great for an outdoor wedding, a more rustic or chabby chic venue, but it wouldn’t necessarily work in a more traditional or elegant venue. And it certainly doesn’t work for a larger wedding where it would cause your guests to have to wait in line and cause a “road block”.

My friend is against  the “Pinterest” movement for weddings and events because she believes it causes unorganized and poorly put together events by people who try and replicate ideas they found on Pinterest.

We are huge fans of Pinterest and the creativity that ensues from users who engage on the social platform, but what do you think? Are you a fan of ideas generated through Pinterest for weddings? Have you seen any “Pinterest Disasters” at a wedding or event you’ve attended? Share with us!